How can auto-load of pictures be enabled for Connect to Mail?

For security reasons, the images of the e-mail to be archived are not automatically reloaded. The system administrator can change this setting as well as the maximum file size and download time of images.

To do this, open the file "C2mail.settings" from the directory "DocuWare > Connect to Mail" (up to DW6.9) and "DocuWare > Background Process Service" (from DW6.10). Find the following line:

<SecuritySettings AllowImageDownload="true" DownloadTimeoutInSeconds="60" MaxImageSizeInMegaByte="50" />

  • AllowImageDownload: switches the download on or off.
  • DownloadTimeoutInSeconds: limits the duration of a single image download in seconds.
  • MaxImageSizeInMegaBytes: Specifies the maximum size of a downloaded image in MByte. The function concerns the storage of e-mails as EML and PDF.

If the option is active, you can see it at the DocuWare Configuration.

If the URL of the image cannot be resolved or if the image does not exist, a simple placeholder (X) is inserted instead.