How to merge annotations with a document in file Cabinets?

Since DocuWare 6.6 you can merge annotations into PDF documents that have already been stored in a file cabinet. This places all annotations on the document permanently. For that purpose a new PDF file is created that replaces the existing one.

Use Case
In the process of approving an invoice the respective documents are edited by multiple colleagues: it's stamped, commented and marked. Once the process is done, you merge the annotations into the document because the annotations are key to retrace the approval steps of this invoice. Due to this, all annotations are permanently connected to the document and can't be hidden, no matter which program you're using to display the invoice.

Annotations are always visible, steps can be permanently retraced

Configuration and Usage
This is how you can use this functionality:

Viewer toolbar → section "Display" → Merge layers

Merging annotations in a file cabinet requires the user to have the right "Edit documents". As the name states, it gives users the right to edit documents in a file cabinet. If that right is removed, the user will no longer be able to merge annotations.

We recommend using the merge functionality only in combination with automatic versioning to ensure the documentation of changes in the file Cabinet.