Fortis: How to Migrate SQL Database to New Server?

This details how to migrate SQL databases from one server (or instance of SQL) to another server (or instance of SQL) for Fortis. Basic knowledge of SQL is required to complete this process.

Note: This should only be conducted off-hours or when no one is using Fortis, otherwise it may lead to data loss or corruption

1. Open SQL Management Studio
2. Login to the instance of SQL that Fortis is currently using with a SQL Admin (for example sa)
3. Right Click on the database you want to move, and click "Properties"
4. Open the "Files" tab on the left


5. Note the location of the .MDF and .LDF, you will need to move these files to the new server (or point to them from the new instance). Also note the owner of the database (you will need to attach it to the new instance as the same user). Then Close the window.
6. Right click the database, Select "Tasks > Detach..." Then select "OK" in the "Detach Database" Window (it will pop-up after you click "Detach").


7. Disconnect from this instance of SQL, and connect to the new server (or instance) in SQL Management Studio
8. Right Click "Databases" and Select "Attach"
9. Press the "Add" button in the "Attach Databases" window that pops-up.
10. Browse out to the location of where you moved the .MDF and .LDF to on the new server. Select the owner drop-down and select the same SQL user that was listed in Step 5. Then press "OK"
11. Once you have completed these steps you will need to open the DBS.ini (with Notepad) within the \FortisDT\SYSDATA\ directory on your Fortis Application Server.
12. Change the references from the old server (or instance) to the new instance of SQL. The "Server=" lines and the 'LogFilePath=" and "FullTextPath=" should be updated as well (these paths are to the error log path and the location of the full text path, respectively) The dbdir is only used for FortisSE, and should be updated if you are using FortisSE.