Unable to renew license for # attempt(s). Your license will expire in # day(s).

When you get this error message when accessing the login page for FormIt, try the following.

1. Ensure that your frevvo license is not expired and that it is the correct versioned license for your FormIt.

    FormIt v5.0 and below you'll need a v4 license.

    FormIt v5.1 and above you'll need a v5 License.

2. Make sure that the version of Java installed on your machine is at least version 7 Update 21.

3. If you are on FormIt v5.1, make sure that you are using JDK rather than JRE as JDK is required as of v5.1.

4. Make sure that you can reach the url: as this is the license server and should send you to a page that displays, "You have reached the frevvo licensing server. Thanks for your interest in frevvo Live Forms"

If you are unable to contact the license server, please consult this link for further solutions,

For more solutions for this issue, please follow this link,