When logging into either an Admin or User client for FortisBlue you get the message:

"License count exceeded"

You will need to be on the FortisBlue server to fix this issue.

  1. Run the FortisBlue Customer License Utility As Admin (Right Click > Run as Admin)
  2. Note the Activation Key under the "Installed License" section (Write this down)
  3. Click the File drop down menu and select "Open License File"
  4. Browse to your .license file
  5. Enter the Activation Key that you wrote down in Step 2, and press "License Activate" button
  6. Accept the license agreement
  7. License should activate successfully.
  8. Restart IIS
  9. Login to FortisBlue

If you cannot login at this point, or need an activation code, please contact DocuWare Americas Support.