Is there a way to improve performance of displaying documents?

Generally when displaying documents in Web Client we are trying to produce images that have enough pixels to provide good quality and in the same time are small enough (bytes) to save CPU and bandwidth. It is possible to decrease the rendering quality, but bear in mind that the quality will deteriorate 

  1. End all Imaging.Worker.exe processes in task manager on the (web) server.
  2. Clear browser cache in the browser.
  3. Edit the file
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\DocuWare\Imaging\DocuWare.Imaging.Worker.exe.config
    in section <appSettings> add :
    <add key="colorsThresholdPng8" value="5" />
    <add key="colorsThresholdPng24" value="100000" />
    <add key="colorsThresholdJpg" value="100000" />

The default values are:

<add key="colorsThresholdPng8" value="5" />
<add key="colorsThresholdPng24" value="4096" />
<add key="colorsThresholdJpg" value="4096" />

Now the documents ared rendered with 8bit color depth, which results in smaller image files.
The rendered PNG files are on average 25% smaller and are thus transferred faster to the client.

The performance of the display enhancement within the viewer can not be influenced, because this is done by the browser and depends on the performance of the client machine. We recommend to try the different supported browsers.