After an update from an earlier version (6.6) to a later version (6.7) the DocuWare Desktop App update completed normally.

Since this time, each time the DocuWare.Update.Exe runs (Tasks Scheduling) the prompt to update the Desktop Apps pops up in the windows tray.
In the update log %allusersprofile%\DocuWare\ClientSetup\DocuWare.ClientSetup.log you find
"A hotfix was found on the server. DocuWare Desktop Apps will do the full hotfix check."

When the DocuWare update program runs the first time after an upgrade, the module list of DocuWare Desktop Apps is displayed with information on which modules are to be updated.
The user confirms this view and the update process is executed for these modules.
Now, displaying of the modules in that overview can be activated and deactivated.
Modules that are not displayed in the overview are not updated.

Open the file "C:\Program Files\DocuWare\Web\Platform\ClientSetup\ClientSetup.Settings.xml". Check if the value "true" is set for the modules you want to display (and update). If not change it.

<Module Id="AdminTool">false</Module>
<Module Id="AdminTool">true</Module>

Now, when the DocuWare Update is running the next time the modules that were not displayed now are, and can be updated.