What happened to my changes in the Desktop config files after an update?

If an update for the desktop is performed, new config files are created and the existing overwritten. Adjustments that have been carried out are lost.
It makes no sense to replace the new config files with the older, because after an update there are new or changed parameters. The parameters of the previous versions must be added later by you manually in the new config.
For example, the dummy scanner or using a different TWAIN driver in the file "C: \ Program Files \ DocuWare \ Desktop \ Plugins \ scanner \ DocuWare.Desktop.CaptureService.Host.exe.config"

To check which parameters were changed by you, create copies of the config files before updating. After the update, you can use this to review/look up.

From Version 6.9 on you can place a .overrides file inside Desktop Folder which contains all changes.
E.g. place a file like "DocuWare.Desktop.exe.config.overrides" in "C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Desktop\" with this content:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<add key="TrayNotificationLevel" value="Nothing"/> <!-- allowed values : Nothing, Error, Warning, Info -->

This will will override the setting in DocuWare.Desktop.exe.config for the key "TrayNotificationLevel".