Which criteria is used for the documents in the basket?

There are two metrics used

  •   Alphabetical Order.    For example: R#1, R#10, R#2
  •   Natural sorting.         For example: R#1, R#2,  R#10

By default, no sorting is assigned to the tray. In this case, 'Natural Order' applied. This state can be restored by using 'Reset Sorting' option. This can be found from Verison 6.7 in the settings of the baskets under the item 'Order by ...'.

For this sorting an internal name is used. Rename the document subsequently has no effect on the sorting.
Make sure that even before the filing in the Webbasket, the documents are in imported in the correct order order.

When you activate a sort for the webbasket, for example by name, the alphabetical sorting is used.

Tip: When Alphabetic sorting is active the document number is padded with zeros '0'.
 Example: R#0001, R#0002, R#0010

Abb. Reset sorting to 'Natural Sorting'.