You'll get the message from the DocuWare Printer:
"More than one configuration has been found. The document has been stored into your inbox."

History -> Mehr als eine Konfiguration gefunden
How do I investigate which configurations are involved?

Follow these steps to check out which configuration are involved.

  1. Open the History in the DocuWare Desktop App. Here you find the affected documents. You identify it with the status 'warning'
  2. Click at the document and expand the column. You will find the button 'Retry', now.
  3. Click at the arrow right after the 'Retry'-button and select 'Export'. (See image above).
  4. Export the file in a folder you prefer.
  5. Open the zip file.
  6. Find the file with the suffix '.result.xml'.
  7. Open the file in a text editor or browser.
  8. In the section 'ActivityTrace' you see all configurations with the ID and name which are recognized from the Desktop App.
    for example:

    Matching configuration found: 159515d6c24549c4aa69f4f53daa2378|Test Printer Configuration(D)
    Conflicting configuration found: 703b40620edb487aa3c8eec552b8e0aa|Test 2 Printer Configuration(D)

You have to check these configurations and change them so that the criteria for recognizing the document is unique. It makes sense to use anchors is some cases.

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