Important Note:
Moving a DocuWare system is a complex process that can be even more difficult in case of different constellations of databases, operating systems and DocuWare versions. This process requires a deep technical understanding of DocuWare. Our experience has shown that problems can be caused by errors or inaccuracies during the execution of this process. The move of a DocuWare system to a new server or the move of components of a DocuWare system, as well as problems resulting from the move of the system from one server to another, are therefore not part of our Support Services. If you need support or assistance from DocuWare Support, we can offer this on a time and material basis only. In this case, we recommend that you contact our Professional Services department in advance of such a project by sending an email to or


This article describes how to migrate the entire DocuWare system incl. the database to a new server.

If you plan a migration and an upgrade of your system, please follow this instruction:

  1. First you must migrate the existing DocuWare system to the new server.
    Please install the same DocuWare version on the new server than on the old server.
    The direct installation of a newer DocuWare version does not work and is not supported!
    That means, if on the old system for example DocuWare 6.7 is installed, DocuWare 6.10 cannot be installed directly on the new server.
    Even with the help of the so-called "Upgrader Tools", you will not get any error-free results. So please follow these instructions.
  2. On the new server, you must check the most important functions like search, display, store, ...
  3. After this you can start the upgrade to a newer version of DocuWare.
    You can find information to the necessary upgrade steps here:
    Upgrade path chart from old versions of DocuWare


  1. Copy the DocuWare Setup from the old server to the new one.
  2. Copy the license from the old server to the new one.
  3. Ensure that you use a license file with the same organization name.
  4. Stop all DocuWare servers and application pools on the old server.
  5. Use the appropriate applications to create backups of all DocuWare databases:
    • DWSystem
    • DWData
    • DWLogging
    • DWNotification
    • DWNotificationBackup
    • DWThumbnail
    • DWWorkflowEngine
  6. If necessary, install the same database server in the new DocuWare server that you use on the old server:
    The version of the database may be different. Please note the downward compatibility of your database.
  7. Restore the backups of all DocuWare databases into the new database server.
    If you do not restore all databases, this will lead to significant problems.


  1. Start the DocuWare Setup (same DocuWare version as on the source server).
  2. First, install only the Authentication Server and the DocuWare Service Control.
  3. During the installation of the Authentication Server, Setup will detect that an Authentication Server is already registered in the DocuWare system and offer you to replace it.
    Replacing existing servers, with DocuWare 6.10, can lead to significant problems. 
  4. Do not select anything to install a new Authentication Server and proceed with the installation.

  5. Install the DocuWare Administration.
  6. After the installation, start the DocuWare Administration and log on as the DocuWare System Administrator.
  7. Under "Server" -> "Authentication Server", de-register the old Authentication Server

  8. Now adjust the name, etc. for all DocuWare database connections.
  9. Use the connection test to verify that all DocuWare database connections are reachable by the Authentication Server.
  10. Correct the Fulltext Server connection.
    This must be done before installing the Fulltext Server:
    • Change the URL to the Fulltext Server
    • Copy the Fulltext-Index directory from the old to the new server.
    • If the path to the Fulltext-Index files has changed, adjust it accordingly.
      During the installation of the Fulltext Server, specify exactly this path as Fulltext-Index directory.
  11. Correct the paths of the storage locations.
  12. Check self-defined database or file connections.
    Use the connection test to verify that all connections are reachable by the Authentication Server.
  13. Save all settings with "Apply".
  14. Close the DocuWare Administration.
  15. Now install all the other DocuWare servers and components (Content Server, Workflow Server, Web Client, ...).
    Always install new servers and do not replace them.
  16. Open the DocuWare Administration again and navigate to the "Predefined Workflows".
    Here, you have to assign all existing Workflows, such as Autonindex-Workflows to the new Workflow Server.

  17. De-register all old servers as described in point 7.


  1. Copy the document files from the old storage location to the new storage location.
  2. Install the latest HotfixPack.
  3. DocuWare Administration 
    • Check the web connection, in particular the "Installed Modules".
      If necessary, check all installed modules manually. 
    • Delete the old web connection.


  • If the address of the Web Client is changing, the DocuWare Desktop must be reconnected.
  • The update of the DocuWare Desktop Apps will only work, if you reinstall the Apps or you can customize the registry manually: