If the "dwmachine.config" file is broken or missing, how can you fix it?

First of all, rename the broken "dwmachine.config" file (if applicable). Then run the DocuWare setup. You do not need to change anything, you merely have to execute it from start to finish. The "dwmachine.config" file will be created at the end of the setup. Afterwards compare the "dwmachine.config" file with the excerpt from the dummy "dwmachine.config" file below. You will likely notice that the "LocalWebServices" and "DatabaseConnectionID" parameters are missing. Copy these lines into your "dwmachine.config" file (in no particular order) so it looks like the the excerpt.

*note: "LocalWebServices" is only needed, if you are running Platform and/or Settings Service locally.

Adapt these lines to your system.
To adapt "LocalWebServices", merely adapt the servername to the local one.
To adapt "DatabaseConnectionID", you will have to access the database and get the guid of the database connection pointing to the dwsystem database. Execute the following statement on your dwsystem database:


select guid from DWSystemSettings where settings like '%dwsystem%' and type like '%DatabaseConnection%'

select "guid" from DWSystemSettings where convert(varchar(max),"settings") like '%dwsystem%' and "type" like '%DatabaseConnection%'

select "guid" from "DWSystemSettings" where "type" like '%DatabaseConnection%'

Replace the guid in the "DatabaseConnectionID" parameter with the guid, the statement returns (or one of them, if multiple rows are returned). Afterwards, your "dwmachine.config" file will be fixed and ready to be used again.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ServerConfigSettings OverrideLocation="">

       <Setting Key="LocalWebServices" Value="http://MACHINENAME/DocuWare/" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="SystemUser" Value="SYSTEM_MACHINENAME" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="SystemUserPwd" Value="(some encrypted value)" Encrypted="true" />
       <Setting Key="DatabaseType" Value="MSSQL" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="DatabaseServer" Value="DB-MACHINENAME" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="DatabasePort" Value="1433" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="DatabaseUser" Value="sa" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="DatabasePassword" Value="[some encrypted value]" Encrypted="true" />
       <Setting Key="DatabaseName" Value="dwsystem" Encrypted="false" />
       <Setting Key="DatabaseConnectionID" Value="882a2803-9553-4a20-bd21-2bfe96dbbab1" Encrypted="false" />

Note: If the "DatabaseUser" and "DatabasePassword" parameters are missing, that is fine. Trusted login is used in that case.