What innovations for Intelligent Indexing come with DocuWare 6.11?

With the upgrade to version 6.11 the field mapping (the assignment of Intelligent Indexing fields to DocuWare fields of a store dialog) is realized on store dialog level of a file cabinet. Till the DocuWare 6.10, this assignment was set up during configuration of a web basket. For more information on how to find the Intelligent Indexing mapping please visit KBA-35830.

In case there were several different mappings for an Intelligent Indexing - store dialog the mapping with the largest number of mapped fields will be taken over for the upgrade. For mappings with an equal number of assigned fields the mapping is chosen randomly. If Intelligent Indexing was set up according to the FAQ-article KBA-35714 there is just one mapping per store dialog, which will be taken over for the upgrade.

A further innovation with the upgrade to version 6.11 comes with the possibility to copy the Intelligent Indexing ID of a document (in the Intelligent Indexing web basket) to clipboard. The best way to do this is to double-click on the ID and press the shortcut Control-C. This simplifies the information collection for Intelligent Indexing Support Requests. You will find further information to this topic at KBA-35628.