It is possible to map specific system fields to user created index entries.


  • Log into the DocuWare Administration field
  • Expand out your Organization and choose the File Cabinet you would like to add your field to
  • Right click on fields and select "Add Field"
  • The three DocuWare types, that you can use to map System Entries are...
    • Text
      • Access user (short name)
      • Access user (long name)
      • Modification user (short name)
      • Modification users (long name)
      • Store User (short name)
      • Store User (long name)
      • Store User (email)
    • Date
      • Access date
      • Store date
      • Modification date
    • DateTime
      • Acess date
      • Store date
      • Modification date
  • Once you choose the DocuWare type, that corresponds with the system field you want to use, select the next button
  • Select the fixed entry check box
  • Choose the system field, you want to be shown, select the next button
  • Assign your search and store dialogues, as well as your result lists
  • Assign it to your File Cabinet profiles
  • Select Finish