Where is the difference between clip and staple documents?


  • Only PDFs can be stapled
  • All documents are grouped into one document (5 documents with 3 pages each, are clipped to a document with 15 pages)
  • If you unstaple the document afterwards, you will get 15 documents with 1 page each
  • It is only possible to staple documents in the Web basket


  • All file formats can be clipped
  • If you clip 5 documents with 3 pages each, they are getting summarized to one document but the page count of the single documents remains, same as the file format
  • If you unclip this summarized document again (only possible within the document tray) you will get 5 documents with 3 pages each
  • Stored documents can be clipped afterwards with documents from the web basket, if you do so the DocID of the stored document remains. If you want to unclip the document you have to copy it to the Web basket first
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