Urgent information about the Hotfix Pack:
As part of our regular security tests, a security gap has been identified when using Visual Basic statements within DocuWare Workflows.
When you install the Hotfix Pack, you must follow a specific procedure. This procedure is described in the PDF "URGENT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS HOTFIX PACK", which is included in the Hotfix Pack.
If you install the Hotfix Pack without performing the steps which are described in the PDF file, you may experience massive workflow problems and even possible data loss!

Connect to Mail:
Emails stop processing - SQLDateTime overflow (improved version of Hotfix35)

Deletion Policy:
When a deletion workflow is using two or more OR-conditions it could happen that too many documents are deleted

Deletion Policy:
A deletion workflow which is using an OR-condition might delete too many documents

Autoindex Workflow:
Workflows don't start if triggered by "On event"

Download HotfixPack: