I need a consecutive number for my documents. How can I get this?

The variables

  • DocID       – Type Integer
  • oldDocID  – Type Integer
  • oldRN       – Type Integer
  • Client        – Type Text 

Fill the variables as follows:

  1. Create a new ‘Assign Data’-step (here: Get Values)
  2. Fill variable ‘DocID’ and ‘Client’ with the corresponding indexvalues

  3. Create a new ‘Assign Data’-step (here: Get Old DocID)
  4. Fill the variable ‘oldDocID’ with a value from a file cabinet

    DW_Company = CV_Client AND DW_DocID < > GV_DocID

  5. Create a new ‘Assign Data’-step (here: Get old RN)
  6. Fill the variable ‘oldRN’ using a value from the file cabinet
    Here Document Number is used as Invoice Number

    DW_DocID = GC_OldDocID

  7. Create a new ‘Assign Data’-step (here: Get new RN)
  8. Fill the Index data (here: Document Number) using an arithmetic expression 

    GV_oldRN + 1

The condition

  1. Add a new ‘Condition’-Step (here: Condition_Client 1)
  2. Set it up as follows:

    Note: If the value of the company is always written in the same way (uppercase, lowercase, etc.) you will not need the UCASE()

  3. Add 2 new ‘Assign Data’ - Steps
  4. Assign additional information to the invoice number

In the end it all should look like follows:

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