After utilizing a large amount of space on a drive, you need to move your MySQL data to a new location with allocated space.

(The default installation path is C:\Programs files x86\Docuware\Internal Database or C:\Programs files x86\Docuware\Internal Database V2).


Before performing this, make sure to have Database backups!

1. Stop all of the DocuWare Services

2. Cut the data folder, usually found in C:\Programs files x86\Docuware\Internal Database or C:\Programs files x86\Docuware\Internal Database V2.

3. Paste the folder into the desired location

3. Navigate back to the path where you pulled the data folder from and locate the "my.ini" file.

NOTE: Make a copy of the my.ini file, save it onto your desktop.

4. Open the file, use CTRL+F to search for "datadir".

5. Replace this path with the new location of the data folder.

6. Start all of the DocuWare Services.

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