I currently have a Node.js based Validation application setup, but it will only work if I leave the command prompt opened. Is there a way to run this application as a service?

There is a CLI utility called Quick Windows Service that installs/uninstalls a windows service.

In order to install/uninstall the Node.js application, type the following in command prompt:

Installing the Quick Windows Service utility:
npm install -g qckwinsvc 
Installing your service

The following information will be required when installing the service:

Service name: [name for your service] 
Service description: [description for it] 
Node script path: [path of your node script] 
Once all requested parameters have been provided, this will setup a Windows Service which can you setup to run automatically.

Uninstalling the service:
qckwinsvc --uninstall 

The following information will be required upon uninstalling:

Service name: [name of your service] 
Node script path: [path of your node script] 

NOTE: This requires that the Node.js environment has been setup already. For information on setting this up, please refer to the following link: