• After changing the database password the Authentication Server (AS) does not start anymore.
  • Servers show "invalid system user" in the logs and do not start.
  • dwmachine.config itself is corrupted.
  • Moved installation folder and setup installs in wrong folder.
Important: Make sure that the current DocuWare Setup version is compatible with the current DocuWare system.
Please check Programs & Features for the DocuWare Server Setup entry - if a newer version of the DocuWare Server Setup is installed, please uninstall only the DocuWare Server Setup.
Make sure to read the messages during the uninstallation properly!

Within C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Setup Components\ every setup (6.10 and up) contains a html-file.
This html file contains code snippets to create a sample dwmachine.config, adjust database connections etc.

Please remember to stop all DocuWare services before you continue.
Go to %programdata%\DocuWare\ServerConfig\ on the DocuWare Server and either copy or rename the existing dwmachine.config.

Using the html:
You can copy the code snippets from within and adjust them as needed.
Open a CMD with administrative rights and change to the directory:
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Setup Components\
Use the chosen code snippet.

If you renamed the old dwmachine.config, you will have to create a sample dwmachine.config and adjust all settings.
For ease of use you can follow the order within the html.
Not all needed parameters can be created with the given commands, so please compare the old and new dwmachine.config and check for
  • LocalWebServices
  • DatabaseConnectionID (6.10 only)
  • MessageBusMulticastIp (if set previously)

Please start all services after adjusting the dwmachine.config, so that all changes are succesfully handed over.