How do you re-create the system user in DocuWare 7 or higher.

1.   Go to C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\ServerConfig, locate dwmachine.config.
2.   Make a copy of this file and save it to the same location, this is for backup purposes. The folder should look like this:


3.   Open the file named “dwmachine” and look for the lines <Setting Key="SystemUserand “<Setting Key="SystemUserPwd", delete these two lines then save the file.




4.   Open the following location C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Setup Components, and look for the application named “Docuware.setup.Server.Cmd" for versions 7.2-7.4, or "DocuWare.ServersetupCmd.exe“ for versions 7 and 7.1. Hold shift + Right click the application and select the option “copy as path”.

5.   Open an administrative CMD prompt and paste the application path, then add “configureSystemUser” (cap sensitive), to the end of the path with a space in between.

6.   After you run the command it should return a Error Code as 0.

7.   Your dwmachine.config file will now contain the recreated system user and password.

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