How do you register a Web Service in DocuWare? 

In order to register a Web Service with DocuWare, please complete the following; 

  1. In the Web Client, from the dropdown list, select the "Configurations" tab.

  2. From the Configurations page, go to the Web Service plugin.

  3. Click "Create Web Service Connection" to register your web service.

  4. Select the type of connection you'd like to utilize for your Web Service. (Applicable for systems on 7.5 or higher)
    If your uncertain of which connection type to select, please refer to the follow article on the differences between REST and SOAP connection types; KBA-36669

  5.  When registering the web service, do the following; 
    - Give your web service a meaningful name that's easy to identify.
    - Provide the URL to your Web Service.
    - If authentication is used, provide the Username and Password here.
    - Save your changes.

Once completed, you'll now have registered your web service, which can be used throughout DocuWare depending on what the service is written to do. 

KBA applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

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