How can I find the database name of an index field?

In order to find the database name for the following index field data types, please do the following; 

For Text, Numeric, Memo, Date, Keyword, Decimal, and DateTime data types:

  1. From the Configurations page, select the "File Cabinets" plugin and choose the file cabinet in question. 

  2. Go to the Database Fields section, and click on a field.

  3. Select More Options which will display the "Database Column". The entry listed in the Database Column would be the database name of this index field.

For Table data types:

  1. Browse to https://[ServerName].DocuWare.Cloud/DocuWare/Platform to access the DocuWare Platform Service page.
  2. From the main page, under the Browse the DocuWare Platform section, click on the link for List Organizations.

  3. Next, click on the link for filecabinets

  4. Search for your file cabinet, then click on the link for "self".

  5. Finally, perform a search for @DWFieldType = "Table". This will return all table fields you have in your file cabinet. The first line of each returned result will have the DBFieldName.

KBA is applicable for both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.

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