When attempting to utilize an Autoindex job connected to an external database, certain documents fail to index, and the following error is displayed in the Autoindex monitor;
"Processing document with ID XXX failed. '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character.".
This error occurs when a NUL hexadecimal value is contained in the external data. By product design, NUL hexadecimal values cannot be stored in DocuWare.
To resolve this issue, inspect the data by copying out the contents of the database columns, then pasting it into a text program such as Notepad++. 

While reviewing the data, attempt to locate NUL values, such as the following for example:

These NUL values must be removed from the data before DocuWare allows the data to be copied. Once removed, the system will be able to index the data.
KBA is applicable to Cloud and On-Premise Organizations.