How can I add a new user to an Invoice Processing Preconfigured Solution?

Adding new users to an Invoice Processing Preconfigured Solution can be done by associating these users with a dedicated "Role" for Invoice Processing. Please refer to the following steps on how to add new users to an Invoice Processing Preconfigured Solution;
  1. From your DocuWare Client, open "Configurations" from the dropdown underneath your username.

  2. Navigate to the "User Management" plugin within the General section.

  3. Click on "New user," then provide a unique username and, importantly, enter a valid email address, as this will be required so that the user is notified by email tasks or links in case they need to reset their password.
    Note: If you require an existing user to be added to the Invoice Processing Preconfigured Solution, click on the existing user's username, then proceed to step 4.

  4. Open the "Roles" tab and assign the user to the role "IP - Default Functions."

  5. Once completed, click on Save on the upper right to complete the process.

*NOTE: If the user is approving invoices (Requestor or Cost Center Group), the user will need to be added to the Personnel file cabinet. Please refer to KBA-37133 on how this can be done.

KBA is applicable to Cloud Organizations ONLY.