When I perform a multi-file cabinet search, it returns fewer results than expected. The search returns 1,000 results from each file cabinet. However, the search criteria should return more than 1,000 results per cabinet.

For example, when I perform a blank search on three different file cabinets, the correct number of results for each file cabinet is returned.  When I do a blank multi-file cabinet search on the same three file cabinets, I expect to see the sum of all three search results. The results of the multi-file cabinet do not equal the same amount of results of the individual searches done on each of the file cabinets. 

Commencing in DocuWare 7.3, a maximum of 1,000 results will be returned from a single file cabinet when performing a multi-file cabinet search. For on-premise organizations, this value can be increased. Please see KBA-37322 for instructions on how to increase the maximum number of results when using a multi-file cabinet search.
Note: By product design, this value can not be increased for Cloud organizations.
KBA is applicable to both Cloud and On-premise Organizations.