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Why do I get an error message, that the event threshold has been reached?

The maximum event threshold 5000 has been reached for instance XXXX


A limit on the number of events (not activities) for a single workflow instance ensures that a workflow is not stopped with a general error if too many events are repeated. 
Once this limit is reached, the workflow instance enters general error mode, which is displayed in the DocuWare Client task list. 
The user can then decide whether the workflow should end or continue. 

Limit for Cloud Systems: 5000

Default Limit for OnPremises Systems: 10000
For OnPremises Systems this can be adapted.
Instructions can be found here.

If the workflow continues to run, the event limit for this defined instance doubles.

For this behavior, the workflow must contain one or more of the activities that support timeouts (Task, Parallel Task, Wait, Wait for Event).