Hi Everyone,

I have a process where I intake 1000's of documents via email a day.  I have a team of 40 folks who verify the data on the documents and then either process them or stamp them with an error code for a different team to remediate.

My 40 folks are spread out across the US and being that all the documents come into 1 email and then into Docuware with connect to mail the team tends to walk  all over each other trying to process based on the new documents.  I.E. Trying to open the same document.

My Question:  Is there a way in workflow to use a sequence of numbers, let's say 1-40 and add a number (counter) in a field to each document as it comes in up to 40 and then start over at 1.  My thinking is that I could create lists for each of the numbers and then assign member to work on specific buckets of work based on the number.  I don't want to assign to a person specifically as the workforce is contigent and is constantly changing.

Additionally I would like the workflow to also route the documents that come in based on Eastern, Central and Pacific timezone.  The group in the Eastern time zone see a list called E1, E2, E3, etc with Central seeing a list called C1, C2, C3.  My thinking is that we would base the Eastern, Central and Western based on the date and time received either in the email or in Docuware.

What do you think, am I way off base here or is this something that can be done?