Vues :

Via Scanner or Active Import some documents will be imported to a basket. While that you notice:

  • A header file of a document was not created. That's why a document is not displayed in the basket.
  • A document was added to another document.

The most common cause for this is at the time of the import another access to the basket was done and blocked the access to the files for a short time.

For a basket keep shure that:

  • Thumbnail view is deactivated (access).
  • Automatic update is deactivated (access).
  • Not more than one user/process at the same time should work in the basket (access).
  • No virus scan on the involved folders.
  • No other access to the basket folder, e.g. monitoring tools.
  • The used scan basket has to be local.

It's allowed that multiple users open a basket which is used to scan or import, if the listed conditions are true.

But at the moment when a document is scanned no other user should with the basket and e.g. delete a document until the scanning process is finished.

Scan to a local basket.

If a basket is used from multiple users at the same time, an Active Import job has to distribute the scans to the baskets of the users. Be aware that the Active Import timeout settings are long enough for the file access (AI Settings > Tools > Timeouts)