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How do I improve the barcode recognition accuracy?

For most requirements the default settings for barcode recognition are sufficient. Depending on the quality of the barcode or the scans, it may happen that a barcode is not identified in some cases.

With the VintaSoftBarcodeDefault.settings file you can set the barcode recognition precisely. The file is not available by default, you must download it separately.

Perform following steps:

  1. Download the VintaSoftBarcodeDefault.settings file at:  

  2. Extract the zip file and copy the file VintaSoftBarcodeDefault.settings to the DocuWare Desktop program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Desktop\)

  3. All other supported barcode types are commented and thus deactivated:VintaSoftBarcodeDefault.settings is currently activated in the Code39Only the barcode type

  4. ...
    <!--<BarcodeType DwBarcodeType="C25Interleaved" />-->
    <BarcodeType DwBarcodeType="Code39" />
    <!--<BarcodeType DwBarcodeType="Code128" />-->
    <!--<BarcodeType DwBarcodeType="Ean128" />-->

    Adjust the barcode types in section <BarcodeTypes> according to your needs.
    A combination of every barcode type is possible. We recommend to activate only as many as necessary, but at best only one type. With the VintaSoftBarcodeDefault.settings recognition is much more intensive, which means that searching for barcodes takes more time.

  5. After you have done the changes, please restart the "DocuWare Desktop Service"

In second line you can specify various parameters for recognition process. We have already adapted the parameters according to our experience so that recognition should work in most cases.
Nevertheless, we will explain some of these parameters:

In case the customer uses barcodes with values of the same length, then adjust this setting accordingly. This will decrease the average number of recognized garbage barcodes.
Possible values are: any integer number equal or larger than zero
Default value: 3

If images with low contrast are used this setting will improve recognition quality by increasing the contrast artificially. Do not use this option in case the image have sufficient contrast, especially together with low DPI scans because it will make things worse.
Possible values are: true, false
Default value: false

The automatic mode can be used if you are not satisfied with the recognition quality. Setting this option to true will improve the recognition quality but it will also slow down barcode recognition. Depending on the image content it can take up 10x longer.
Possible values are: true, false
Default value: false