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The security of our DocuWare Cloud Services is our top priority as a service provider. That is why we regularly check how we can improve the security of our services.

For several years now, both the DocuWare Web Client and the DocuWare Desktop Apps have supported secure communication via HTTPS. During the last security check, however, we noticed that we were not forcing secure communication via HTTPS for Web services integrated into workflows.

Previously, you could use the Workflow Designer to integrate Web services on your own servers that did not have an SSL certificate.
To ensure end-to-end encryption and protect your data, we will discontinue support for these HTTP Web services in the coming months.

Until 14.05.2018 you can still edit and save your workflows with HTTP web services without restrictions.
As of 15.05.2018, saving a new workflow or a new workflow version is only possible if all integrated web services use secure communication via HTTPS.
As of 01.11.2018, Web services without HTTPS are no longer supported and the corresponding steps in the workflow lead to errors.

How to switch to HTTPS:

  • Get an SSL Certificate either from your hosting provider or from a third party provider.
  • Install the certificate in your domain
  • Open all affected workflows in DocuWare Workflow Designer and change the old HTTP addresses to their new HTTPS addresses.

Notes on SSL certificates:

  • Find out if your hosting provider may only allow certificates from certain providers. Some hosting contracts already include an SSL certificate or the purchase and installation can be done directly by the hosting provider.
  • If you are free to choose your certificate provider, a free certificate from Let's Encrypt could be an alternative to the commercial providers.
  • If you need certificates for several subdomains, a wildcard certificate that is valid for all subdomains of a domain could be a possibility for you.
  • Follow the provider's instructions. There are different ways to prove ownership of a domain. There are also different tools for installing the certificates.
  • Check the successful installation of the certificate for your domain. Usually, you will receive a tool from your certificate provider to verify the installation.
  • Think of a calendar entry to ensure and check the smooth renewal of the certificate in time.