• How to scedule a file to be send from the customer server to the Docuware cloud-FTP?

    Does anyone have a working solution to send a csv file to the Docuware FTP location sceduled every day? Using a sceduled task in Windows taskplanner?
    I tried with batchfiles, and it works manually, but when I scedule the task in Windows taskplanner nothing happens and the taskplanner said it has succesfull executed the task.

    I made two batfiles:

    ftp -i -s:script1.txt

    open ftp.docuware-online.de

    cd public_html
    cd w4-nF7G_YuXFp7Nd3aTxG7vG1axxxxxxxxxxxx/data
    lcd C:\customername\CSV
    put Test.csv

    Number 1 triggers number 2. In the taskplanner I sceduled task 1. But nothing happens. When starting number 1 manually it works fine.