• RE: Setting Document Name view REST api

    Tiago,  by default, the filename of a document will become the Document Name. If you're not uploading a document, then there will be no filename.  However, you can Edit your File Cabinet, and go to "Database Fields" and select a field here to become the Document Name. Once you do that, when you create the data record with the API, as long as that field is populated, the document will have a name. 
  • Changing the name of a File Cabinet

    I need to rename one of our file cabinets. It seems straightforward, and I renamed a test file cabinet without issue. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with doing that, and if there is anything I should be aware of? Any risk to workflows, lists, tasks, dialogs etc?

    -Steve McBride
  • RE: Setting Document Name view REST api

    Joe, thanks for the quick reply!  It wasn't the exact answer I needed, but it got me going down the right path. 

    I do not have any fields designated as the Document Name, so by default it always uses the file name of the document when indexing through the Docuware client. So this got me thinking. If I'm setting the index values FIRST before I upload the document, then Docuware doesn't know the filename at the time of the record creation.

    So, I changed the order in my code to send the file first, THEN set the index fields, and it works! File name becomes the Document Name as it should.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  • Setting Document Name view REST api

    I am currently using the REST API to upload and index new documents into Docuware. I do this in two API calls, first I POST the index fields to /docuware/platform/FileCabinets/<file cabinet ID>/Documents and get back a DocID. I then POST the document file to /docuware/platform/FileCabinets/<file cabinet ID>a/Sections?DocId=<doc ID>

    This works great EXCEPT the document name comes though as "Unnamed document with ID..." (This is what shows at the top of the document viewer)  The filename comes though at the bottom of the document viewer in what I believe is the "Original File Name" field.

    What am I missing? How do I set the document name when uploading the file via the REST API?

    Thanks for any help!