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How to add a field to a file cabinet?

Carry out the following steps to add a field to an existing file cabinet: You will need file cabinet administrator rights to the file cabinet.

  1. Open DocuWare Administration.
  2. In the tree structure, select the Organization name / File cabinets / File cabinet name / Fields node. Right-click on Fields and select Add Field from the context menu.
  3. The new field is added to the tree structure. The table of settings contains the settings and properties used as standard for the new field. You can change these if you wish. They include the name of the field, the field type, the field length and the field index as well as the behavior of the field, e.g. whether the field may be left empty, whether it contains a fixed field entry, whether only terms from select lists may be used for this field, and which select lists should be available for the field.
    When you have finished defining your settings, click on Apply.

  4. Now the field can be copied to the search dialog(s), store dialog(s), result list(s) and the info box.
    You have to do this individually for each dialog.
    Go to the relevant area of the file cabinet in the tree structure:
    Search Dialogs / Name of search dialog
    Store dialogs / Name of store dialog
    Result Views / Name of result list or name of tree
    Result Views / Name of result list / Info box

    Each table of settings has an area called Fields Layout.

  5. Open the Set field order dialog.

  6. Enable the Visible option for the new field (here you can also specify the order in which the fields appear in the dialog).
    Finally, you need to assign the rights to the new field in the file cabinet profiles. Go to the Profiles area of the file cabinet in the tree structure. You can define rights to the field separately for each file cabinet profile.
    Select the file cabinet profile in the tree structure and then select the options for the new field in the Fields area of the settings table.

    (If index filters are used for this file cabinet profile, the first three field rights are not available).