Vues :


The DocuWare Fulltext Server starts shortly and falls back on status red.


The reason for this bevahior could be an additional installed Java Version.


Only the needed Java Version should be installed.

Cause 2:

Another reason could be an already blocked system port. Check for that in the task manager, whether another tomcat process is running (while stopping the DocuWare Fulltext Server). Alternatively you can execute the command "netstat -abno" in the command line to search in the list for the the standard port 8005. If the port is 8005 is used by a different program you can identify with the process ID and the Task Manager which process is using this port.

Solution 2:

If the port is already in use, then the port for the DocuWare Fulltext Server can be changed in the configuration file.
You can find the file in the installation path in the Fulltex server folder, for example:
C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Full-Text Server\conf\server.xml
In the parameter server port you can set the port.