Vues :

In some cases it might happen that you get just a blank page or you won't see any modules to install.

Possible reasons:

  1. The filename of the Client Setup file was changed.
    (​The Setup connects to the system and gathers all needed information from following configuration file ...\DocuWare\Web\Platform\ClientSetup\ClientSetup.Settings.xml)
  2. You have downloaded the setup files (zip file) with blocked attributes on.
  3. A proxy server/firewall prohibits the connection between the Client Setup and the webinstance.
  4. You are using a https connection to the webserver based on a self-signed certificate.
  5. Wrong authentication settings avoid the access to the cofiguration file.
  6. DocuWare was installed from a shared folder or using a DVD/ISO file. Therefore the folder not created correctly.
Solution for the appropriate reason:
  1. Download the Client Setup file again and do not change the filename or run it directly.
  2. Unblock the zip file and then extract the content (see article: Unblock Blocked DocuWare Setup/Hotfix Files)
  3. Grant access for Client Setup to connect to the web server in your proxy server or bypass it.
  4. The Client Setup does not use the certificate store of the current user but the one of "local computer". Therefore, the self-signed certificate needs to be imported on the clients in the certificate store of the local computer and declared as a trusted root CA. If this is not the case, the client setup receives a certificate error when connecting to the web server, which can not be skipped.
  5. Adjust the authentication settings in IIS according to this article: IIS authentication settings of web components
  6. Reinstall the Platform Services while starting the DocuWare Setup directly on the server