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You search a word using the fulltext search, but cannot find the word on the document. 

It might be helpful to check the textshot of the document to get an idea why the word was not found.
(Note: This article only describe the ways to check documents that were stored in DocuWare Version 6 and later, not documents that were stored using previous DocuWare versions.)

1.) Find out DocID
First you need the DocID (and the page) to search for the texshot of the document. Using the show index entries button you can see the Document ID of the document in the dialog in the system fields area (see screenshot below).

Find out DocID

2.) Find out Platform Link
Open the Platform URL (http://[SERVERNAME]/docuware/platform) in the Browser, or copy the DocuWare Platform URL from DocuWare Administration to the Webbrowser (see screenshot below):

Find out Platform Link

3.) Log on Platform
You see the DocuWare Platform Service (see screenshot below). Open List Organizations and Login with the DocuWare Administrator.

Log on Platform  

4.) Navigate to the file cabinet
Open the Organization in which the document was stored (see screenshot below). Click on the file cabinet for your organization.

Navigate to the file cabinet

5.) Navigate to documents
Click on documents for the correct file cabinet in which the document was stored (see picture down below):

Navigate to documents

6.) Navigate to the section and DocID
Search the section for the document (see picture down below). Choose the correct DocID which you have noted at the begin (In this example the DocID 1 should be opened).

 Navigate to the section and DocID

7.) Navigate to the DocID and page
Choose the correct DocID and the page to display the texshot of the document page (see picture down below). In this example textshot for (1-0) DocID 1 with the first page should be displayed.

Navigate to the DocID and page

8.) Open the textshot page
After choosing the Textshot of the document page is displayed (see screenshot down below. In this example 6-0 is displayed. That means DocID 6 with the first page). You see in the green brackets which words were read out via Fulltext. Look if the word you wanted to search for is in one of the green brackets.

Open the textshot page

Additional info: If you want to see immediately an other textshot in the same file cabinet. You can simply the DocID and the page number in the URL of the browser. For instance in this example you see the DocID 6 with the first page 0.
If you want to see DocID 42 page 3 you type in instead of 6-0 the value 42-2 and press enter to see the textshot at once.