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In the next days, DocuWare version 6.5 will be released and the fulltext functionalities will be extended. Therefore the structure of the fulltext information in the fulltext server was changed. Because of this the fulltext information in the textshots (which contain all recognized text information of a document page and their coordinates for faster finding and marking of search words) has to be transferred to the solr again which is automatically started after the Update to DocuWare Version 6.5. Until the transfer is finished the fulltext search is temporarily not available.

Until now the textshots were only created for documents which were stored after the update to the DocuWare Version 6 or 6.1. The fulltext information of all documents stored with previous DocuWare versions were directly transferred to the fulltext server during the update and therefore have to be read out first. To reduce the time for the reconstruction of the solr information we recommend to create the textshots before the update. Thereby only the fulltext information available from the textshots have to be transferred to the fulltext server, which is decreasing the processing time a lot and the fulltext is available again  much faster.

Because of this, there is a new option in the DocuWare Version 6.1. In the DocuWare Administration, go to the corresponding file cabinet and the section fulltext. There you can find the option "Reset fulltext status".

Choose the option "Reindex not processed or failed documents" to process only the documents without textshot. The neccessary steps can als be done manually for DocuWare versions before 6.1 More information can be found in following FAQ article

This approach has also a further advantage. When the missing documents are "reindexed" before the update, the documents will be processed one by one. Because of this, the document will still be found during the process via a fulltext search. Is the transfer done while the update the fulltext search is not available until the update of the solr catalog is completed.

Please consider this information when you plan your upgrade.