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How can I set up a Logging Agent for AutoIndex?

Setting up a Logging Destination:
Before setting up a Logging Agent you need to define a Logging Destination.

You will find it in DocuWare Version 6 - 6.11 here: DW Administration - Company - Logging - Logging Destinations
You will find it in DocuWare Version 6.12 here: DW Administration - Company - Organization Logging - Logging Destinations

At the first step you have to clarify, on which way you want to save the logging. You can use for example a simple .txt file or the database itself. We would suggest you to use your database for it. Please use a unique name for the table itself.

Setting up Logging Agent:

After you created your destination, you have to define your logging agent. At the next screenshot you can see the correct settings. It's important to use the predefined destination.

At the next step, you just have to select Autoindex.

Keep the next steps like at the screenshot's.

Here you can define, which usage you want to be logged. Please read carefully, if you specify something, it won't be logged. In this example, every usage would be logged (Screenshot).