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When a relatively large document is being indexed fulltext is only partially done.
For example the document contains 250 pages, but only the first 100 pages were read out by the fulltext.


During fulltext indexing, the Content Server reads out the words and their positions page for page. Extraction per page is called a text shot. 100 text shots are set as the maximum number by default. If you permit a lot of text shots, the extraction might take longer but the result is more precise.
For example: A DocuWare document comprises one Word file and one PDF file. With "Maximum number of text shots per file = 100", the first 100 pages each from the Word and the PDF are indexed for the fulltext search.

In order to increase the scope of the fulltext index of a file cabinet, please take the following steps:

  • navigate to DocuWare Administration
  •  in the <Filecabinet> -->Fulltext --> "Maximum textshots per section"  specify the number of the textshots per file (for example set it to 300)
  • press the "Apply" button

For all afterward stored documents the first 300 pages will be read out by the fulltext.