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Which DocuWare module needs a Client License?

The DocuWare modules listed in the picture below are all require a client license.
However, it is possible to login with the same DocuWare User, on the same device (+ an additional mobile device) on all these DocuWare modules with only one client license.

In order to use only one client license in the Web Client and/or the URL integration both modules have to be started in the same browser.

The license need of the DocuWare Desktop are:

  • DocuWare Printer         no Client License needed
  • DocuWare Import         no Client License needed
  • DocuWare Web Scan   no Client License needed
  • Smart Connect 
    • Smart Search   → uses the URL integration, which requires one client license
    • Smart Index          no Client License needed

Please note that you have to install the latest HotfixPack for the differnet DocuWare versions, only with the HotFixPack we can guarantee the described behavior.

If you want to check the current license usage, you can use this KB article.