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There are two situations, in which this error can occur:

  • DocuWare Desktop installation fails
  • The attempt to start the DocuWare Desktop service fails.

In both cases, the following error message appears in the Windows Event Viewer / ClientSetupLog / DesktopServiceLog:
"Could not register the URL "https://+:8091/" because TCP port 8091 is being used by another application"

Port 8091 may be blocked by the Intel Services Manager program. The process (serviceManager.exe) must be stopped and the Desktop Service can be installed. The Intel Services Manager searches for another port when restarting.

This behavior also occurs if the Rec Solution Server services are located on the same server / workstation. Since it is not possible to change the port of DWDesktop, the port of the Rec Solution Server services must be changed. 

The port may be occupied by another application. You can check this with the CMD command "netstat -a -b -o >C:\ports.txt", which stores the result in the file "ports.txt" on the C:\ drive.

The PID can be used in the task manager to identify the process that is blocking a port.