• Using A WHERE LIKE Clause With A Keyword Field In A List Dialog Rule


    I am trying to figure out how to create a list that shows documents that contain a specific string in a keyword field. The list would only show documents if this keyword field contains one row with this string.

    For example, if the table contains only ['A'] then the document will show, but if the table contains two rows, ['A','B'] then the rule is false. I've tried using a LIKE statement with the Is (where clause) option, but it doesn't seem to work if there are multiple rows in the table. Setting the WHERE string to '%A%' also doesn't return what I'm looking for.

    I think if I could figure out the syntax for a 'doesn't contain' statement then that would solve my issue as well. Although NOT LIKE seems to not work either.

  • Workflow not triggering even on correct start condition

    I'm working on a flow currently where it is not being triggered even though the condition I defined in the Start trigger is met in the document's index fields. Ideally, the workflow should start when the "Status" field changes from NEW to WORKFLOW.

    When I import a document it starts off with its "Status" field set to NEW
    I have an autoindex job that checks/retrieves some data from another file cabinet, then makes that change in the document's "Status" field. If I check the document's history, it clearly says that the field was changed from NEW to WORKFLOW. Yet for some reason, the workflow is not triggered when the field is changed. Has anyone run into a similar issue before?