• 7.3 maximum hits

    Where and how do you change the maximum number of hits for a file cabinet search in DW7.3.  I have found KBA's for up to DW6.11 and from 7.6 and up, but I need it for DW7.3 to output a large DWREQUEST job. What is the KBA for this question?
  • Import DocuWare REQUEST

    Imported DocuWare REQUEST Successfully into DW7.2. The zip file had to be copied into my DWRequest folder so it would show up in the import dialogue. The zip was in my DWRequest/DocuWare Request folder by default and it wouldn't show up as a selection. The DocuWare REQUEST import worked.  This is now closed.

  • Server is not responding using DocuWare REQUEST in 7.2

    What all needs to be set for DocuWare Request to get a response from the server in DW7.2?
  • Full Text only done in first 100 pages of each doc

    How do I have FULL Text do all of the pages in a document other than the first 100 pages? The first 100 pages are done in all the docs. Starting at page 101 there is no full text for all docs in the file cabinet.  Using DW6.12.0.766
  • DWX files & f0 files in DWRequest

    Another DWRequest job had 25,111 records and 6 docs were not exported according to the DWRequest job.  They were docs 1 thru 5 and 7 and were missing the dwx files.  I downloaded pdf files from my DW6.12 and replaced them in the DWRequest data folder.  DWRequest opens the documents now.  I didn't need the dwx files. 

    Larry Stover

  • DWX files missing in DocuWare Request

    Using DW6.12 and a file cabinet with 18,721 records had 3 records that wouldn't open in a DW Request job.  They happened to be record 7, 8 & 9. These didn't have a DocumentInfo.dwx file associated with the f0.pdf file. Also these f0.pdf files will not open due to corruption. After checking the next 500 records they all have the dwx file.  Is there an easy way to check all records to ensure all dwx files are there or which are missing?  These same documents open ok in DW6.12.  They are DWTiff docs, but a lot of other docs are DWTiff and they open ok in DWRequest.  I will run the DWRequest job again to see if I get the same results, but it will take 15 hours to run it again after a current larger DWRequest job gets finished running. I use MySql.

    Thank you,

    Larry Stover

  • Phil,


    I have many old DWTiff documents, but don't have any 3 digit file cabinets.  I use DocuWare REQUEST to convert all docs to pdf to give to DocuWare REQUEST customers.  My file cabinets containing the old DWTiff docs haven't been converted to pdf in the file cabinets.


  • DW4 documents in DW7

    DW7 notes say that DW4 documents are not supported in DW7 at this time.  How do I know if I have any DW4 documents in my DW6.12 system?  I have file cabinets that were started in 1998 using DW3.1 that have been upgraded over the years to DW6.12.  Most of these file cabinets are DocuWare Request customers. Will all my documents convert to pdf using DocuWare Request after upgrading to DW7?

    Larry Stover

  • password for app pools

    Thank you Phil.  It worked.

  • row count of file cabinet using MySQL


    I was able to do it thanks to you! This is what I did using MySQL query browser.  From dwdata I double clicked on file cabinet which put the following in the select list. 

    SELECT * FROM dwata.<file cabinet name> s;

    The last "s" was the first letter in the file cabinet name.

    Thank you,