• White space is being set as black when printing

    When viewing or printing a document from Docuware web client, the output page is
    displayed with black space filling in the remainder of the page that contains no content.
    That's not really a problem in the viewer but when you print to paper it is an epic waste of
    toner. This is not an 'inverted text' setting issue, it is the way in which Docuware is processing the
    document. Fortis, the program we came from did not have this behavior. Please advise.
    If this is 'by design' please correct for the sake of the planet.
  • Email clients

    Docuware build
    Zimbra 8.8.15 webmail client/server
    Users unable to use send to email function.
    Error message is produced during execution:

    'Error open mail client,'

    Firefox latest version on Windows 10 latest updates. Firefox
    is the default mailto:\ handler by protocol.

    Clicking on mailto links inside of FF results in Zimbra web mail client

    Is there a way to use the send to mail function with web based email clients
    or is it dependent on 'fat clients'.