• Upload of records


    Tengo un archivo que se encuentran en un csv en una conexión de datos.
    luego desde un autoindex  deseo subirlo a un archivador.
    Cuando estoy configurando el autoindex para campos que tienen mas de 255 caracteres el campo observaciones no está disponible.

    Para estos casos que puedo realizar para no perder la información con mas de 255 caracteres?
  • XML Problem

    In document processing I am trying to upload a file with XML structure but whenever I upload a different one it is throwing me errors. and does not allow it to go up.

    What structures should this document have?

    Thank you.
  • index entries with csv


    I have a csv file which I want for each row to generate a record in a DocuWare archive, is this possible without uploading any documents for each record?
  • File connections

    Hi, I'm trying to create a new file connection on my recently provisioned cloud server, but it is throwing me an error with the storage location.

    Where can I add a default storage for this instance?
  • problem conect intelligentindexing.

    A day ago I am getting a connection error with intelligent indenxing I tried generating a new connection to II from the admin but the error
    keep going.
    At this moment I have connection to the modelsplaces at http: // localhost / IntelligentIndexing /
    I urgently request a remote session
  • SMTP error

    Hi, I have just configured my system but I don't know where I can correct the following error.

    I think I have to enter the credentials again.

    The SMTP server does not support authentication.

    thank u
  • RE: Crear bandeja


    I am trying to create a tray in my new Docuware system however the storage location is not appearing to me
  • template generation


    I want to know if, as with web forms, there is another way to fill documents in the tool.

    I do not speak of auto filling in fields if I cannot generate documents as is done with the forms.

    Thank you
  • Crear bandeja


    Estoy intentando crear una bandeja en mi nuevo sistema Docuware  sin embargo no me está apareciendo la ubicación de almacenamiento 

  • Permission to Use SQL Statements

    Hi good day

    I am trying to generate an SQL statement in a selection list but the option is disabled, I assumed it was due to lack of permission and indeed when entering the admin and trying to grant the permission "USE SQL STATEMENTS" throws me an error How I solve this error?