• licencia

    I am re-installing our server but I need to have the license, from where can I get it?

    thank you.
  • server migration 7.1 to 7.2

    Good day

    It turns out that we will make a physical server change that is currently in v dw 7.1

    to a more robust one which should have version dw 7.2 with the data workflows and forms of the previous one.

    Therefore, I would like to know if there is a step-by-step procedure for this purpose that includes database and application migration.

    Thank you.
  • URL Creator

    I want to create a link for a list called "Selection Requests" and I am using docuWAre URL Creator however I don't know where to get the data "Viewer Windows Name" "guid" I suppose it is the id of the archive.
    "Search Dialog Guid" and I don't know where to get this data.
  • RE: Send a link to a form.

    for the changes that I have made I have made new information records

    They can generate a ticket
  • RE: Send a link to a form.

    for the changes that I have made I have made new information records
  • RE: Send a link to a form.

    The fixed entry is without quotes and fix the first link in the notification. the result is the same in the mail

    check attached

    thank you
  • RE: Send a link to a form.

    What type of variable should I add?

    attached evidence of what happens now
  • Send a link to a form.

    Good day

    From a workflow notification I want to send a message which contains two links to the form. The idea is to share these links as is done with the WF_DOCUMENT_LINK variable so that when it reaches the recipient it will be seen as a link and not as plain text.
    ow could I do this?
    thanks you
  • RE: indexar y generar plantillas.

    Good day
    At this moment I have a relationship in csv that I add as a file connection, it turns out that from this relationship (150 records) I must upload them to an archive.
    With what tool can I do this? and that every time you modify the csv an automatic registration is made in the filing cabinet.
    Additional I would like to know if it is possible that for each of these records a document could be generated as well as when information is recorded from a form.
    Thank you.
  • indexar y generar plantillas.

    Buen día

    En este momento tengo una relación en csv que agregue como file conexion, resulta que de esta relación  (150 registros) debo subirlos a un archivador.

    Con que herramienta puedo realizar esto? y que cada vez que modifique el csv se haga un registro automatico en el archivador.

    Adicional deseo saber si es posible que por cada uno de esos registros se pudiera generar un documento así como cuando se registra información desde un formulario.

    Muchas gracias.