• 5.1C desktop client and Windows 10

    I have a client that is still on 6.6 and only uses the desktop client.  They recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have found that after the result list is displayed, if they sort by a column Docuware closes.  We tried running in Win7 and Win8 compatibility mode with no success.  Any suggestions out there?  (short of upgrade?)  I don't have remote access to the server so I have no idea what hotfix is installed either.
  • RE: Blank screen

    I have hotfixes installed to 2/08/2018.  I will install the latest Hotfixes.  If I delete and recreate the users using the same username will the settings be reset?  I only have 3 users at this point and that may be easier than opening a tecket to fix the problem.

  • Open Docuware Viewer in New Window

    Under user settings there is an option to Open Docuware Viewer in a new window.  When that option is selected and the user logs in they get a blank page.  Is there a way to change windows or default the user settings back?


    DW 6.12