• RE: Adobe Sign

    Hello, Mike. We have the same need and have discussed this with Adobe, DocuWare and third party developers. Nothing is available yet, but with the new REST and webhooks functionality in DocuWare 7.5 this may be possible. Let me know if you still have a need to see how we could collaborate. I also opened a uservoice thread that so far has no votes here: https://docuware.uservoice.com/forums/230573-miscellaneous-english/suggestions/43561569-electronic-signature-integration-with-adobe-sign
  • Webhooks to Connect DocuWare with SharePoint 365?

    DocuWare 7.5 introduced its webhooks functionality. Could this be useful to connect with SharePoint? The idea is for selected documents to be pulled into SharePoint. Any comments will be welcome.
  • RE: Restore workflow skips records with Invalid column names 'DWVERSTATUS' 'DWVERCOMMENT'

    Thank you for the comments. Best regards.
  • RE: Restore workflow skips records with Invalid column names 'DWVERSTATUS' 'DWVERCOMMENT'

    Update- I tested with two skipped records, one at a time after commenting out the  <CheckOutDoc section and changing the Flags value to "2". Both  records imported successfully. This seems to confirm that these differences in the XML are the cause of the skipped records. Now how can this be fixed? Editing the XML in thousands of records could be done but perhaps a better solution is available. 
  • Restore workflow skips records with Invalid column names 'DWVERSTATUS' 'DWVERCOMMENT'

    A restore workflow from version 6 to version 7 successfully imports most records but skips others with this error message pointing to three invalid column names:

    Exception information for document with Id: 825, DocuWare.DAL.XChange.DWDBException: Invalid column name 'DWUSRVERSION'.
    Invalid column name 'DWVERSTATUS'.
    Invalid column name 'DWVERCOMMENT'.
       at DocuWare.DAL.DataAccess.BaseSQLBuilder.ExecuteScalar(IDataCommand command, Int32 contextId)
       at DocuWare.DAL.DataAccess.SQLBuilder.ExecuteNonQuery(String sql, SQLCommandContent content)
       at DocuWare.DAL.DataAccess.BaseSQLBuilder.Ex.........etc

    I checked the xml header files and found two differences, marked *** below. The Flags value is "2" in successful records. The CheckOutDoc section does not appear in the successful records. I also wonder if the checkin fcguid needs to be updated to match the new destination fc. I have not yet run a restore after eliminating the CheckOutDoc section.

    ***        <Flags>8194</Flags>
     ***       <CheckOutDoc user="USERNAME" computer="dom.local\USERPC" datetime="2014-01-09T15:44:28">
     ***         <checkin fcGuid="11984f36-2c0d-4904-9d50-8eb11d24641d" docID="825" />
      ***      </CheckOutDoc>

    Any clarification will be welcome. Best regards.

  • RE: enable guest accounts

    Just a note on the last comment above. In the Cloud one cannot assign multiple named licenses to the guest user, so the limit is only one, or is there a way around this?  I do not think one can assign multiple named licenses to a single user on-premise either. 
  • Can an Excel file attached to a form later be automatically downloaded for further processing

    A client want to use DocuWare forms to collect information from a factory floor. Each form has basic information and will always have one Excel file attached. Each Excel file contains specific producion data that is not entered on the form and is later transcribed into an inventory or quality control system. Each document will therefore have two sections, the PDF form and the Excel file.

    Is it possible, using a workflow and/or web services/programming, to automatically download the Excel files and store them in a network folder? This is a hybrid Cloud system, with a local system as well. The on-premise system includes the workflow manager module.

    Any guidance will be welcome. 
  • RE: Install DocuWare On-Premise, but in Azure Cloud

    Hello, everyone. An update to this subject would be very welcome. We have a client that needs to migrate from another system but needs an on-premise solution (few users, lots of documents). A cloud system with a single server would be ideal. 
  • RE: Please stop mistreating existing customers

    Does this not-officially-supported policy on AWS also apply to Azure?  I thought the problem with cloud services was that the DocuWare system architecture uses Message Queueing and that is not supported by AWS or does not work between two or more servers if your DocuWare system uses more than one. I cannot find the article where I think I saw this information.  Clarification would be welcome. 
  • Windows Explorer Client hangs when copying documents-what performance should be expected?

    I am testing to see if I can download a significant number of PDF one-page files (several hundred new ones a week) from DocuWare using the Windows Explorer Client and copy them to a local cloud drive connector (Dropbox, OneDrive or any other). The idea is to make those files available to external users. The document name is the only metadata needed. This seems to work but it is slow and hangs on occasion. There seems to be a limit of 1,001 files listed in the WEC. Does someone have experience with this and perhaps some recommendations?