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    Thank you for the response Simon.<br> Actually we are at 7.3 and I do have it populating into the custom index field for new and day-forward imports. I am actually trying to work through how to populate all of the values in the custom index fields with the system Store Date for all our past records. I assume I could make a workflow to do that but can't find out how to make that work.&nbsp;<br> <br> Tracy Fleming<br> &nbsp;
  • Load Store Date into a custom field

    Can I automatically load the value of the Store Date system field into an index field so that it shows in the results dialog?
    I already have an index field set up to capture the Store Date moving forward but I'd like to back fill the index field for past records. 

    Could I accomplish this with a simple workflow maybe? Simple being the operative word there... I'm pretty new to workflows. 
    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • RE: Can I use Wildcard in Workflow Conditions?

    Worked Like a Dream!
    Thanks so much Jon,
  • RE: Can I use Wildcard in Workflow Conditions?

    Thank you so much for such a quick response Jon.
    Let me give that a try!
  • Can I use Wildcard in Workflow Conditions?

    Sorry for a very simple question here, but I am trying to create a condition in a Workflow that functions like a 'contains' parameter. The line that works (when it's true) is: DW_DOCUMENT_TYPE = "Assessments- 6y" or DW_DOCUMENT_TYPE = "Grades List- 6y"

    If we add another document type like "SomeOtherText- 6y" it of course won't trigger the workflow. I'd like to be able to act on every record where Document Type ends with "6y". In a search I'd use a Wildcard like *1y. 

    If Workflow Conditions allowed using 'Contains' I'd use something like, DW_DOCUMENT_TYPE contains "6y"

    Any suggestions?
  • RE: Adjust dialog for 'Edit Index Entries'

    Thank you Tobias Getz,
    I knew I had addressed this once before but you were spot on with the solution.
    All set now. The adjustments have been made.

    Much appreciated!
    Tracy Fleming
  • RE: Adjust dialog for 'Edit Index Entries'

    Thank you Matt, I think you may have implied the answer to my question, but if I may ask a clarifying question...

    So when I right click a record from the results list and choose to 'Edit index entries, it opens what appears to be a weird version of the 'Default Search dialog. See the pic called Edit Index Entries Dialog. 

    When I do an actual search I get the dialog I expect shown in attached pic: Actual Search Dialog. 

    These two dialogs are clearly not the same but they reference the default search dialog. 
    I'm trying to find out where the actual dialog is that is showing up when I Edit Index Entries. The one that shows up does not look like any of the dialogs I have defined though it has the correct fields, just in the wrong order. 

    Thanks for any further info.

  • Adjust dialog for 'Edit Index Entries'

    Can someone help me out with which dialog to adjust to make changes in the dialog that is used for the Edit Index Entries dialog?